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20+ years of expertise


SZU  Consulting Group


Since 2004, SZU Consulting Group has been offering goal-oriented consulting in central areas of corporate management and broadly diversified business units. With a focus on solutions in the areas of supply chain security, air cargo security, aviation, supply chain management as well as logistics, we are one of the leading knowledge providers in Europe. Our clients come from the industrial, manufacturing, logistics, aviation and retail sectors and range from representatives of medium-sized companies and DAX-listed companies to global brands, aviation organizations and public authorities.


Consignors (KCs)

Known consignors in Germany require official approval by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA). The prerequisite for this is the implementation of a corresponding security program with final approval by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) in the company.


Agents (RAs)

As the central interface between the air cargo loading industry and the air carrier, Regulated Agents set the course in the secure supply chain. In this segment, we advise freight forwarders, packers, logistics service providers, control forces, airlines, airports and warehouses.


Security Manuals,
Training /Implementation

For more than 15 years, SZU has successfully integrated management systems, processes and safety programs into the organizations and value-added processes of its customers. In all our mandates, the cost-benefit effect, taking into account practicality, is the top priority.



SZU  Industryclusters


Aviation & Cargo

You are an airport operator, airline, ground handler, ACC3, RA3, KC3, regulated agent, government agency or provide services (including security screening) in the aviation or air cargo industry.



You are a logistics service provider, forwarder, packer, warehouse keeper, CoolChain (GDP/Pharma) service provider, broker, GSA, KAP service provider or offer services and products in the area of all modes of transport.


Industry & Production

You belong to the shipping industry or are a producer in the automotive, electronics, robotics, raw materials, medical, chemical industry or infrastructure sectors, etc.

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